Kyoto Palace and River – Steady 20

Kyoto Palace and River – Steady 20

Kyoto Palace and River – Steady 20

First visit to Kyoto in 2011 – 70kg, C2S 14km time over 75 min and I think I was using tennis shoes for jog one per year. At least now, I can confirm Kyoto is a runner’s city:

– dead flat city, good path infrastructure and lots of parks
– N-S river (Kamo) with dual lined running tracks, up to 18km one-way and tonnes of running groups
– (apparently) good trail runs in the hills

Flat turf was a nice change from 5 days of hills – a foreign feeling to my legs. I stiffly ambled south for a lap of the Imperial Palace (equivalent of Centennial plus shrines), then east towards the river. Now feeling warmed up (5km), I looked north at the distant hills and simply went as far as the path allowed.


7km later the path ended near the base of the foothills. By then, pace was a cost 4:20s and it was time to turn. Amazing to see dozens of Japanese running groups, clearly doing 20km plus tempos at sub 4:00s. I suspect these are all  Ekiden teams, which is the Japanese long-distance relay event. A big deal here…

20km all up at 4:45s.

Despite the high Ks (helped by getting lost), I sense the legs will freshen up over coming days. For once, I am not the fastest Asian around.

Some of our recent food exploits below.

The Japanese love Italian food – had to try it after the run. Sadly they have no idea how to make nor cook pasta.


Sushi burger with a fried egg. It works, though I’m unsure what animal remains are in that patty.


Match soft-serve in a waffle cone. This is my key find and I believe this is what Sydney needs.


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