Kyoto River South and Arakuji Temple

Kyoto River South and Arakuji Temple

Kyoto River South and Arakuji Temple

My daily diet continues to be plodding around new cities as far as the legs will allow. No thoughts as to quality nor forthcoming races.

Thursday – Kamo

Similar to Tuesday – Kamo river starting near the fork (6km north of the CBD). Decided to keep to the flats and went south in light rain.

The lesson is north = good, south = bad. Start with nice greenery, old-school architecture and well-dressed dog walkers. 8km or so later (south), I may have been in the Bronx equivalent on Kyoto. At that point it was time to turn.

Allowed the legs to decide the pace, which sat at 4:40s. I think the right foot is still on the mend. Pain sits at 4/10 which is not greatly improved vs last week.

20km at 4:50s. 

Lunch was a steaming bowl of burnt miso ramen from Gogyo – famous in Kyoto. Over-hyped.

WhatsApp-Image-20160428 (1)

Friday – Temple

Traditionally an easier day. Headed over to the Imperial Palace again for some low key dirt tracks and cross-training. 0-6km, loosely wandering the park with heel kicks and high knee type drills. Always a good way to loosen the legs.

It was then time to head east over the river. Ventured past Kyoto University, then discovered a temple near the Philosopher’s Path. The entrance was a set of stairs with orange painted pieces of wood. Then inside, the type of structures that now look all the same to me.


2km in the area, on a mix of trail, gravel and road before departing back home. A little added mileage along the river enjoying the fresh air got the total to mid-teens.


16km at 5:37s. 

Very relaxed run, the best type. I sense I will regain freshness eventually if I keep away from the hills.

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