LAC Swim, Pyrmont Run

LAC Swim, Pyrmont Run

The urge to swim before work was simply too strong. Jogged down to LAC for what turned out to be a really pleasant 40 min of rolling the arms over. Once I got in the water, the external temp was long forgotten. First 500m was fumbling with the goggles (leaking), then 500m steady. Added 500m of fist drills before closing out with 500m. Boy am I slow.

2km all up. Winter swim done. The form is lacking – entirely expected given my lack of pool-time since March.

Lunch – met Yum Cha who I escorted down to Ian Thorpe Pool in Pyrmont. He was keen for a swim, and obviously I was not. 8km via Hickson then CQ to ITP, then solo back via Pyrmont Bridge and through the Rocks. Run felt OK although there is signs of swelling/soreness under the left foot. I’ve had PF issues in the past and so this comes as no surprise. Did not really see any HuRTS – I hear they went up the C2S hill. What a silly idea 4 days out from the race…

13km at 4:50s. A good day of exercise.

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