Lake Ashi Half

Lake Ashi Half

Lake Ashi Half

Today’s priority was a visit to a crater lake at 700m altitude (Lake Ashi) near to the base of Fuji. Trip is just shy of 10km (one-way) and Friday’s 7km out (7km back) was the first 70%. The legs felt like logs but at least the morning was beautiful.

This time, I avoided the super steep inclines and chose traverse-style winding roads where available. A steady climb to 950m elevation (5km mark) was not-as-bad-as-expected. The quads quietly complained as I then descended to the lake, specifically Togedai rope-way station on the NE side of the lake. A few photos including that of the pirate ship.


Fuji in the background as I crawled my way back uphill.


Managed to get to 21km relishing in a flat stretch of road near the hotel. Ave pace 5:05s. Glad to have survived 4 days of hills. Can I do one more, who knows?

Got home and digested the results of the London Marathon over a breakfast consisting soba, edamame and tofu (true Japanese style). A ridiculous winning time of 2:03 (2:55s pace)! Top effort from Barts for a 2:29 PB – not an easy distance to master!

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