Last Hilly Run for the Trip

Last Hilly Run for the Trip

Final run in this hilly hell hole to round out 5. Another 40 min out and back, this time to a riverside town Segoku which boasts some unimpressive museums and more impressive convenience stores.

The 7.5km can be broken into: 4km climbing from 550m to 800m, 1.8km descending to 600m then 2.7km of flat/uphill in the town itself. Battled with clear wear-and-tear in the legs. On the 1.8km segment, I even considered walking uphill.

16km in 81 min at 5:05s.

Soreness in the legs is the good type, like if you do 5 days of low intensity hill repeats. Right foot niggles still there, but seems to be abating. Now off to Kyoto. Flat river runs and the potential for trails await!

London Photos?

So if you read my blog, you may be aware I had a London Marathon entry – the bib dormant in an arbitrary UK mailbox. Obviously I didn’t run it, and yet Marathon Photos sent me a congratulations and a link to the race photos.

Seems I have a doppelganger.  WTF…


Whilst bib number checks out, can’t say the same about gender and skin complexion.


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