Leichhardt Pool 2km

Leichhardt Pool 2km

More a product of end-of-week soreness than any schedule, Saturday’s are now my go to recovery day. Ankle still feels sore but perhaps better than yesterday.

4km down to the Bay Run circling a grass oval, then ducked into Leichardt Aquatic Centre. 2km freestyle, now the third week running.

The 20k took 45 min (maybe 30s faster than last). 500m splits were roughly:
– 10:40
– 11:00
– 11:30
– 11:45

Clearly some terrible positive splitting.

Weather was so cracking that I dried myself by plodding at 5:30s towards Iron Cove Bridge then back through Mental Hospital grounds. Seems my ankle armed up by the end.

All up, 11km running, 2km swimming.

Backed it up with a brunch at The Cove with Renee and James. It’s the local hot spot for Abbotsford retirees. Review to come.

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