Long Run and Bay Run

Long Run and Bay Run

Long Run and Bay Run

Sunday – Bay Run

Met Matt at the Hyatt in the CBD which is now the new norm for me. 7k in pitch black across Blackwattle Bay. We then turned and followed Hickson Wharves and ANZAC Bridge back to the Inner West to meet my sister (Izzy) at KG Oval. The three of us completed 1 Bay Run which along with an out-and-back along the Canal saw out a 29.56k run.

I was basically heartbroken to fall shy of 30k by the time we finished back up at KG Oval. Not sure why I didn’t just run 400m in circles around the car. I would have enjoyed the rest of my Sunday a whole lot more.

Ave pace around 4:40s, so not too bad.

Monday – Pyrmont Recovery

Usual recovery run with Erika. Unfortunately she started off on the wrong ‘foot’ with the Garmin GPS failing to catch signal around CQ. This was extremely disconcerting for the poor girl. Lots of slowing down (to catch a signal?), then grumbling about a 4:15s split (clearly wrong). This was excellent entertainment for me on the course out to using the ever-so-peaceful Pyrmont wharves. I have suggested she get a new watch as the Garmin 230 is redundant. Remember, the life cycle of a watch is 1 year.

At least my GPS was fine, so I was able to give her the real data: 13.5k at 5:05s.

Back at home, it seems El has started sleeping through the night. I am excited to get my life back to normal after 8 rough weeks.

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