Long Run – Brighton

Long Run – Brighton

Long Run – Brighton

After multiple years of uninterrupted weekly long-runs, the last few weeks has been tough. A few missed runs and the routine is broken. Initial feels of guilt, but after maybe 3-4 weeks I’m OK with it.

Anyway, I was able to get back on the horse today. I figured my hip would last 15k as it has for the last 5 days. Ran out in a wind storm from where I was staying (Albert Park, north side). 2k west to the beach, hit the water and headed south (yesterday I went north).

With huge gusts coming from the sea, this was going to be tough. Survived southbound for 75 min before turning back. So what eventuated was a 15k out and back down the coastline along bike tracks. What was interesting was seeing a female-only half marathon event on the way back.

Never though I could complete 30k and it was not easy. Glad I tried. 30k in 2:25.

Found myself at Chez Dre in South Melbourne. The RHS dish is a Tuna Nicoise for $24. It was a hunk of seared tuna with some leaves, and half a boiled egg. I was so hungry afterwards. Bloody Melbourne.

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