Long Run Centennial

Long Run Centennial

Sunday – Centennial

Big run around Centennial. Not much of a turnout today with the usual suspects either in Sunday sleep in mode, or dropping out early from the run. Headed out at 6am with Tym from his place in Rozelle, meeting the 6:30am crew that then included Enda, Jack, Kevin, Sharon and another Rejoov Matt. We found them over at Allianz stadium by which time we had banked 6k. Back around Moore Park and to the Kiosk where we were to pick up birthday girl Erika.

Paced picked up a little to 4:40s and the group fractured a little. The first 10k loop was OK perhaps only frustrated by the roadworks on Alison Road. Started loop #2 with just the two girls Erika and Sharon. Everyone else had disappeared. Decided to mix things up by heading over to Queen’s Park in the back half of loop #2. I wanted to test the fatigued legs a little and did two hill surges: 1) 1k up Queens’ Park hill on the south side, and 2) 500m up the Woollahra Gates hill. Poor Erika had strict orders to knock out 37k. She was hung over and left with 13k by the time I was done after loop #2.

Saw the two girls off, got picked up by the missus on our way to Bondi.

35k in 2:55. A few pains through the feet alongside the usual fatigued legs. Happy to get it done and close out a big week of 130k plus.

Monday – Recovery

Joined the HuRTS group for a wharves run. Enda reappeared today and proved to be suitable company for much of my run. Renee also coerced me into joining her tomorrow for a 45 min tempo. I am scared. The course took us out to Barangaroo where I touched the green door and made my departure early.

Given the state of my legs and continued symptoms of manflu, I was happy to exit with 13k banked. I’m guessing the pace was 4:30s.

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