Long Run – Melbourne Suburbs

Long Run – Melbourne Suburbs

Long Run – Melbourne Suburbs

With a Sunday AM flight back to Syd, I knew that left me either Saturday AM or Sunday PM to knock out my LR. I chose the former for obvious reasons.

We’re staying at some random Air BNB place in Brunswick. Don’t know the area but decided to use that to my advantage. Headed west from the place, largely in the dark. Nothing spectacular aside from rolling hills, train lines, a race course etc. Hit a river (Yarra?) some 8k later and turned left and figured this would take me to the CBD.

Turned out to be a good decision as I found a good bike track and largely followed that towards the CBD in the distance. Interacted with cyclists, casual joggers and rowers for another 10k. Found myself disorientated in an industrial park which is clearly the Shipping area north of Port Melbourne. By then I was at 25k and pretty keen to get home for my 9am curfew (we had breakfast plans). After a frustrating loop around Uni of Melb, I got over the target 30k and rolled in the door …. very weary.

 34k all up at 4:40s. The course turned out to be a big loop of NW Melbourne.

Here is a good looking food platter at the nearest cafe we could find.

Not done yet. I wanted to sleep on the coach but sadly had promised the girls a visit to the Melbourne Zoo.

At least Trinity had a much better time than my tired legs.


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