Long Run of Attrition

Long Run of Attrition

Long Run of Attrition

Sunday – Centennial

Three weeks out from a race? That’s the time to take the long run (LR) up a notch – start before 6am, cover 35km and pick-up the pace for 10km. I knew that’s what LJ, Jeet and Lambert would be attempting ahead of Melbourne. The legs are very tired, but I had secret hopes to do similar.

Rolled out in light rain and had 6km banked before finding the usual 6:30am group as they crossed Anzac Parade. I thought my 6:05am start was hardcore, then I learnt Lambert had started at 5:45am! Back around the Kiosk (7am) before CT led us out for modified Lakes and Queen’s Park loop of 9km. This one was more hilly, mainly the QP section which is even harder on the soft grass. By then the plodders were dropped, the pace was 4:30s and the ranks has thinned out.

20km or so done, another 10-15km to go – LJ, Jeet, Ray and Lambert all in a similar predicament. Did my best to follow Jeet as the pace wound up to 4:00s. LJ dropped back, Lambert dropped off (6km into my pick-up) and Ray disappeared into the bushes. Let’s just say that the 10km Alison Rd loop, then an inner CP loop (3.6km) were enough to totally deplete me of physical and mental energy. Finally, by the Kiosk I hit the magic 37km. Three tiers to the run with an ave pace 4:25s:

– 0 to 6k at 5:00s 
– 6-23k at 4:20-4:30s
– 23k to 37km at 3:55s to 4:00s

I really take my hat off to the four others that toughed out the final loop. Lots of guts – something I need to replicate.

Anyway, I deserve a reward after a great week training! It was a no brainer meeting the girls for breakfast at Kepos St Kitchen in Redfern. These were my two winning orders…

Baked eggs.


Falafel, hummus and soft boiled egg.


Monday – Pyrmont

Sore and tired from yesterday, but in good spirit. Hit the body weights and KB exercises as is customary for a Monday AM. Not afraid to work the legs too with squads and burpees. This could prove my undoing tomorrow.

Lunch – a jog with Sam T around Pyrmont. The weather was stunning, and once you get through Darling Harbour crowds the run becomes magical. Sadly I ran into an 8 yr old just near Bungalow 8. We collided leaving us both on the ground and one of us in tears. I ask myself, ‘is it more shameful to bowl over a child or to be grounded by one myself?‘. Aside from that, the run was a non-event.

15km at 4:45s. 

Also I saw the highlights of the Berlin Marathon on Sunday. Absolutely fantastic race from Berkeley, just 7s shy of the world record. Very happy for my training mate Neil who went sub 2:32.

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