Sunday – Struggle Street

Booked an overdue massage with Kevin yesterday and boy am I glad. He identified a series of knots resulting from my usual tight ITB. This time, the knots were down the right calf and under the plantar. This explains those ankle pains since Melbourne. After 90 min, I hated his thumbs but knew I’d be 100% by Sunday AM. I was right.

Struggled my way through the usual Sunday LR. Felt deflated and it was quite clear that I was dehydrated. Just 16km completed with the HuRTS bunch that included Timmy, Enda, Jeet, Kanser, Lambert, Kroney, Kev & Mark. I will confess that whilst the banter was nice, I plodded in quiet suffering and was happy for it to be over back at the Kiosk.

I am re-posting Enda Stankardt’s account of Tim Lindop’s effort at St Peters Parkrun below. This is too brilliant to be constrained to the HuRTS Whatsapp Chat. Brilliant Journalism.

Oh dear…reports are reaching [Enda] of a HURTs member who did the unthinkable and gave up on a parkrun this morning resorting to walking up the hill in St Peters. Things started so well…


But the going got tough…


And then… well oh dear! Looks like that famous Stoke Heart went missing…


Even the mums with the prams made a better effort of it!


Monday Recovery

I think this food poisoning has had more serious consequences than I imagined. I kept it easy today with a 60 min recovery run. Certainly I don’t feel 100% though my legs are really freshening up. Lucky I had good company in Erika. The circuit is a new one and very easy on the legs and eyes. Hickson Wharves, CQ, Pyrmont Wharves and back into the CBD. Just shy of 12k.

Honestly glad I can run right now.

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