Long Run

Long Run

Long Run

Friday – a swim at ITAC before work. 1.5k in 29 min. In the past, I’ve always found swimming unlocks tight hips. These days it does not help at all.

Headed out again at lunch, hoping to genuinely enjoy myself despite some discomfort. Ran into Renee and Cathy around Farm Cove and joined them out to Barangaroo. Did a 180 back down Hickson Rad and CQ which got me to 11k.

Saturday – cross training in the AM. A really solid 45 minutes of strength, core, on-the-spot cardio and all types of Kettlebell exercises. I tend to work in 3s. That is, 3 exercises, 3 times. Each exercise might take 90-120s such as swings etc. Those 3×3 blocks tend to take 10-15 min.

Decided to move my run to the afternoon. Took the pram from Lilyfield to Bondi Beach. Ran through Central, Moore Park and Bondi Junction. Didn’t think I’d make it but once you get to Bondi Road it is all downhill. Rini loved it. 12k all up

Sunday – long run. I’m still committed to the weekly long run despite losing my way over Sep-Nov. Usual meeting spot is 6:30am at Park Hyatt in the CBD. Stumbled out feeling OK at 5:45 and punched out 8k before linking up with Matt. Circled the water around Darling Habour and Pyrmont, heading over Inner West. The twinge in my ITB continues to cause a slight limp. I would say around 20k I stopped noticing this issue (perhaps it went numb). Ran all the way up to Hunter’s Hill before heading home.

Last 10k, I felt wear on my left hip at the front. That, plus an overwhelming feeling of thirst, meant I was happy to get home with 32k banked.

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