Long Tempo at Manly

Long Tempo at Manly

Long Tempo at Manly

Changed my mind 5x from 3-6am:

– 4am – text to my ride (Neil) saying ‘not going‘ (to Manly), then
– 6am – darn it, better to do my long tempo with friends.

Could be the best qualified bunch I’ve trained with up at Nolan’s Reserve. Host Tom, Truscott, Barts, Quenin, Robin V, Neil, Macca, Eoin and Jamie. 3:40s till you drop or watch reads 90 min. With SMC on Sunday (albeit now at a jog), I nervously set 60 min.

6km loop with touch points being Passmore Oval, Golf Course perimeter and a 1km out and back wooden bridge near Nolans. Short 2.5km warm-up then we were off. Most of the team were in the same boat as I, at the wrong end of a 100km plus week.

Lap #1 at 3:40s as per the plan where I sheepishly drafted and did zero pace-setting. Back at Passmore (5km), the Highnam kids were on water duties (amazing) whilst Eoin and Macca took a much needed break (with the rest completing the 1km out and back). Same story #2 then again #3 where I started to notice stomach issues.

Focused on tight arms, high cadence but eventually I gave in to the stomach. Come #4 (after Neil and Quentin dropped), I fought hard but could not go with CT and Tom. Turns out they were hitting 3:30s leaving the rest of us for dead. Clawed my way back to Passmore (23km) solo and was entirely happy finishing on a non-round number.

22.8km in 84 min at 3:40s.

No need to show splits as we started at 3:44s (0-2km) and I ended at 3:36s (22-23km). Very disciplined. 21.1km a touch under 78 min which is OK.

CT and Tom are clearly in peak form closing out 25km on a negative split. For me, 28km all up. Key session done for a future Marathon and my first time running in Manly. Obviously, SMC tomorrow will be a 21.1km jog. Hit to the ego but it’s all about the long game. Strava run below.

The real issue was where can you refill the stomach in Manly? According to the locals, a gourmet cafe and grocer called Emporio.

From left to right, Lewis, Tom (and kids), Eoin, Neil, Barts, Truscott, Robin and Macca. You can see I’m the only Asian in this suburb.


Table service is a foreign concept NOTB. Desperately hungry and in Manly, what a disastrous combination. For once, quick thinking does not pay dividends.


Truscott is very risk averse knowing even a fat fingered chef can’t get bacon and eggs wrong. Or so I thought…


Fancy some $9 juices from the juice bar to wash down the soggy bacon?


Macca just knew what to order in a robust looking B&E brioche roll.


Plating position is as baffling as the difficulty in eating this without yolk-on-hands-and-face. Visually the star of the show.

Once I gather ‘real‘ feedback, a proper review will be written.

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