Lots of Running and Food

Lots of Running and Food

Lots of Running and Food

Saturday – Recovery + Social

If I wind the clock back to Winter, rain did not scare me. Now it is demotivating . Looked out the window at 6:30am and it was pissing down. Filled a good 30 min with X-training which itself was tough work in a humid living room.

Eventually, the rain eased saving me from more KB swings and burpees. Closed out the morning with a CW loop of the Bay Run. It was pretty empty out there! I’m in that good spot where there is no pressure to train, race or even be fit. Simply plodding along is enough.

10k at 5:00s plus 30 min strength 

Found myself over East celebrating the end of the Running Season with the Truscotts, Rejoov and HuRTS. I did not get the memo that mandated embarrassing dresses.

The highlight was the food spread, a dedicated dessert room and to a lesser extent, good company. A dozen people turned up with some species of pumpkin salad. The criteria for an award winning pumpkin salad is as follows:

  • generous litter of pumpkin, slow roasted
  • not too much rocket, grain-base preferred
  • addition of nuts (crunch) and feta (saltiness)

Whilst none of the twelve actually delivered on all 3, I was able to reconstruct perfect pumpkin, quinoa and feta.


Other photos from the evening. Happy days with Jeet and the Everrets.


… and a guy in armour, plus HuRTS.


A few more shots of people that actually have white collar jobs!


Many thanks to Greta and Chris for being spectacular hosts. With the knowledge of a Sunday 6am run date, I had to ‘Houdini‘ after 1 drink and at 9pm.

Sunday – Long Run

A rare chance to run with Nick Roberts, who is soon to move into my area. He was the form-runner some 3 months back, before 100 mile weeks with lots of speed-work got the better of him. What a shame, as he has the talent to run the sub 2:30 as was the plan in Berlin.

Started out from Lilyfield Rd with no set course aside from (i) run at least 30k and (ii) finish in Centennial. A good circuit today, hugging the water via Pyrmont, CQ, Barangaroo, Hickson and Botanic Gardens. The course is the best Sydney has to offer on a warm Spring Day. Seems we also overlapped with the Striders STARS course which I later found out started at Annandale.

Over in CP, we saw a few of the usual folk completing their long runs – Ray, Eoin, LJ, JFen and Luca. The area is obviously a lightning rod for the type that needs company to complete their Sunday ritual.

By 8:10am, I was at the Kiosk with 20k banked and it was time to head home (solo). This was the worst part of the run and I’ll confess additional ankle niggles in the last 3k. These have come and gone in the last month. I was also very very thirsty by the time I rolled in the door.

35km at 4:40s. 

No post-run brunch today given it is Trinity’s first birthday party (lunch time).

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