Low Intensity

Low Intensity

Chipping away at the low intensity Ks as I wait for the residual fatigue to ease. No obvious signs that I’m on the mend vs say Mon-Wed.

Friday – back into strength work. 60 burpees straight (6 min), a new record. 14 min of KB stuff as my technique slowly improves. Turkish Get-ups seem to be getting easier. All up 20 min before a 5km jog to work.

At lunch, I joined Champ and Wooey for the standard wharves run. It’s the flattest and most uninterrupted option hence entirely suitable for a set of flat legs. Got a few funny tingles (or pain) under left foot and on the right shin towards the end. Caution is warranted!

11km in 60 min.

Saturday – very interesting 90 min. The watch is broken and either I use Lorie’s Garmin 10 (terrible), or my phone. Today I was with the Garmin which had run out of battery. Disaster. The run was unique in that every 3 min or so, I added heel kicks and high knee skips (20s each).

The course took me through Haberfield, Five Dock then back around the Bay Run. The drills became incrementally harder and I’m glad to have persisted. Once I got to 35 sets, I feel the job was done. Hips are slightly tight.

No idea what the distance was. 90 min / 6 min/k = 15km via the back solve method. Pleasingly, no niggles today.

The temptation was to do the Bay Run Fun Run (8km) tomorrow. I have ruled this out now.

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