LPAC + Run

LPAC + Run

The only way to start a weekend is a loop of the Bay Run. Jac (or JO’C) was keen, but she bailed on me last minute due an irrational fear of puddles and wet socks. The post tibial pulled up a little sore yesterday, so I figured a swim would do me well.

Jogged down to LPAC in what was surprisingly mild conditions (19 degrees). A good 6 deg lower than my cut-off, but I made an exception because I am brave. Exactly 52:45 of boring freestyle before a kids school carnival kicked off. A nice chance to relax the legs. I covered 2.3km in that time, so it was slow. Then I jogged down to Le Montage, headed to Iron Cove and up to Balmain Rd before shooting home. That added 5km.

So all up, 50 min swim (2.4km), 40 min light jogging (6km).

Tomorrow: 60 min CP, coffee, brunch, meeting with Architect re knock down and rebuild. I’m too scared to tell Lorie that I’ve spent our reno money on avo-on-toast. See article here.


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