Lucky 8

Lucky 8

My daily diet of 5:30s enjoying water views continue. Along for the ride was Champ and Wooey (same trio as Monday), both saying no longer than 10km seemed ‘right’.

Same old boring course from Pillars to Barangaroo. Saw a scatter of soloists including Steve P, Barts and LJ and even Timmy Lindop sun-baking near the Barangaroo tunnels. After promising Champ and Wooey that 8x100m strides are god’s gift to runners, they foolishly agreed to join me (after 8km was done). The pitch was ‘8’ is ‘Chinese lucky ‘8’, and ‘strides’ is is for those too lazy to do speedwork.

Lucky I delivered. The run-throughs at 80% effort near the turn point got better and better. Wooey was sold, then Champ texted saying ‘thanks for the lucky 8, what is this science behind this?’ In truth I just wanted a run >10km…

11km in 57 min. Relative to normal, that’s a light day.


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