Running form has suffered a little set-back in two ways:

– Trinity has brought home a flu which I subsequently contracted, and
– The whole newborn routine destroys any hope of continuous sleep

Energy levels are tracking abnormally low. So for now I’ll just do single runs, nothing hard.

Sunday – Opera House

Backed up after my Saturday LR with an easy 5:15s type recovery. Joined Fletch and two other randoms Stu and Hanny from Running Science. Start time 6am is very hard to make but I managed to roll out the door at 5:50am. The course took us over ANAZAC bridge, across Pyrmont and straight to the OH. Fletch and I had a 8am curfew and so the run was 90 min give or take.

The chat was alright but fell apart after 10k. From there we ran in silence. No watch, but I’m guessing we covered 18k. Legs felt rubbish given this was just 12 hours after my last run.

Monday – Inner West

I’ve got this week off thanks to paternity leave. Had to do the drop-off so I was basically home-bound till 7:30am. In that critical 90 min waking window I knocked out an impressive 60 min cross training. This involved:

– 30 min bodyweight
– 30 min with Kettlebells

I’ve now moved these sessions from 15-20 min to 30-60 min.

Headed out at lunch for a relaxed 13k recovery run. Luckily I stayed off the legs on the aforementioned cross-training leaving this run surprisingly enjoyable. The course took me to Petersham Park, up to Five Dock and around to Drummoyne before finishing up at Rozelle. Once again the real issue was my lungs which felt stressed the whole time.

Fact of the day: Chinese tradition is for the wife & newborn to be confined at home for 30 days. 

I’m only half Chinese and chose to wait 10 hours before taking the girls out to brunch at Revolver Cafe. The cheddar cheese and corn fritters was fantastic.

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