McKay 8x1km Reps

McKay 8x1km Reps

Plan made to meet Timmy, Birchy and Dave Kane at 7:30am, McKay Oval. Took the car in, hoping Lorie and Trinity would be discharged later in the morning.

Energy-wise, no better than the last few days. Arrived early, allowing a 7km warm-up around CP – last 2km joined by DK along Alison Road.

The whole warm-up I dreaded the prospect of 8x800m intervals. Sticky temperatures, flattish legs and a low pain tolerance. Turned out to be not so bad!

Timmy and DK were doing 2:40s for 800m with 90s rest, Birchy a little slower. For me, I adjusted the set to be 8x1km with 200m float (3 laps total). I hate stopping, meaning the float was a good chance to work to the same cycle time as my companions.

Ran this one bare feet on the soft grass. It’s the only way to go.

Suspect I was a little over 1km each rep, so the rough pacing is as follows.

– 3:20, 3:20
– 3:19, 3:16
– 3:18, 3:15
– 3:10, 3:08

Including the floats, 9.7km in 34:56 at 3:35 min/km. Short cool-down with Timmy to make 18km all up.

Swung by RPA to pick up the girls. Finally!

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