Down in the brunch capital of Australia for half a week.

Wednesday – meetings all the way up until 6pm. Snuck in a 60 min easy one involving 2 laps of Botanic Gardens. The first lap was with Mike Higgins who is in no way a runner, so once we started climbing the hill on the East side of the Gardens, he was a goner. Anyway, super hot day and I struggled all the way back to the hotel.

Thursday – early morning run. The ITB and hip issues are probably better than last week because I’ve backed off the Ks. Nevertheless, it means I’m limited to 15k before things become unpleasant. Ran around Albert Park and South Melbourne this time.

Friday – felt sluggish once again, so much so I almost rested. Got going after about 1k and life got incrementally better. I notice I am still compensating down my right side so I need to be careful. The course today was around the River mainly in the Southbank area. Lots of 180s and zig-zagging. 15k all up.

Here is what a Melbourne breakfast looks like – each dish costs over $25 (totally expected).

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