Still trying to work out if my foot soreness is behind me. Much better than last week but I do sense the pain comes and goes.

Wednesday – Yarra

Full day of meetings throughout Melbourne. Did not feel well having woken up at 4am for a 6am flight. Managed to get back to the hotel and convinced Charlie to join me for a pre-run shake-out.

‘6k, I promise it will be easy’. That was my pitch

We did 12k along the beautiful river heading east 6k, then back on the other side. I knew I’d feel better for it and was rewarded with a good sleep. Ave pace around 4:50s.

Thursday – Tempo

Back out again 12 hours later. This time I felt a little more fresh. Went through the suburban streets East again. Not sure where I was but I did see Richmond and a few other areas.

Hit the river some 8k into the run – a few dips and push ups to mix it up. Asked a bloke ‘which way to the CBD’ and was pointed in the right direction. From there, I stepped up the pace to 3:30s and carried that back to Flinders Station. It hurt but I felt OK.

8k at 4:50s then 9k at 3:30s, followed by 1k c/d.

Will either gym it, or do an easy one tomorrow.

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