Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas

Saturday – Xmas Eve

Initially I planned to swim however a last minute cry for help from Jac saw willing to get some extra Ks in the legs ahead of Xmas feasting. So we met Leichhardt 6:10am, moving at a pretty relaxed pace round the back of USYD and towards CP. Jerome and Eoin came storming past near the gate (they ran from North Shore) and before long we were saying hi to a big Rejoov / HuRTS bunch at the Kiosk.

Immediately the 4:30s pace felt too much so I dropped back with Birchy, Renee and Jac at a relaxed 5:00s. Went the Queens Park loop which scared Birchy enough to have him bail within 10 min (‘too many hills’). The loop itself was again pleasant and I even managed 2 chin ups on the bar. Another inner loop then out to Alison Rd, whereby Renee had now dropped leaving Jac and I to close out another 25 min.

She had to get to ‘high 20s’ and once she had 27k, the task was done. Luckily, the pace was so slow today that it barely feels like exercise. Nevertheless, a breakfast at Kepos St Kitchen with Timmy, Jac, Lorie and Trinity was well deserved. Cracking way to kick off the weekend.

Just shy of 30k making this my long run.

Jac’s first attempt at the Brioche B&E Roll. She’s a convert.

And outside.

Sunday – Xmas Run

Had to be at Artarmon in the late morning to meet the folks / brother. Quite simply, moving from Inner West to North Shore was my objective. Plodded my way west side of the Bay Run, back east via Drummoyne Cove and up through Gladesville. Turned right as I encroached on Lane Cove and decided to tackle the rolling hills of River Road. Well that was a stark reminder what rolling hills can do to tired quads.

Found myself near the St Leonards area which meant an easy 3k to my desired destination. Bloody hot and very thirsty as I rounded out a 90 min run.

When I got back, I checked my phone to find out that Lorie has decided to post this on FB without my sign-off.

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