Mid-week 14km with Strides

Mid-week 14km with Strides

Missed the 12:10pm start literally by 90s, and so I was on my own. No apologies from Lambert and Brendan who I linked up with after 12km – fair enough. Jogged around MMC, then down to Farm Cove steps. Marked out a stretch of flat grass and patiently knocked out 10x120m strides. Not sure why I did this? The legs felt a little lethargic and the hope was to wake them up. Undecided if this actually worked.

Once done, I hugged the water around to Hyatt where HuRTS were on the return. A short link up with 10 or so of them brought me to the desired 60 min run. A little disappointed so much of today’s run was solo. My fault.

14km in 60 min. 

Will be out there tomorrow. Zero interest in Timmy’s Hills. I’m even considering a swim either of the next two days.

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