The last two days have taken its toll on my legs. Couldn’t bring myself to join HuRTS for the 8x1k reps at Barangaroo. Back-up plan – like always – was an easy 60 min. Found two willing participants in Sam and Charlie and together we headed over to Pyrmont. For 0-30 min, I felt lethargic and perhaps even hungry? After 30 min, things settled down and before I knew it the watch said 13.5k at 4:50s.

The annoying thing about Sam and Charlie is they both confess to missing weekend runs in favour of surfing. Disgraceful.


No better than yesterday in terms of foot niggles and low energy. Headed around Farm Cove in light rain, searching for HuRTS. Found Scotty up near MMC and after a 180, he was my company back to Hyatt. He’s in good shape and in my view, should really test 32 min at Launceston and/or Gold Coast.

Sadly I was solo continuing to the start of the wharves. Decided to ignore a few foot niggles and close out with 10x150m run-throughs. Main motivation was guilt from missing yesterday’s speed session. Glad I did this little work-out as the legs loosened up nicely.

Another 12.5k in 60 min. Backed it up by running home with Christian, making 24k for the day.


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