Tuesday – CP

Back to Centennial with JAC and Yum Cha. A nice change from the usual CBD which by the way is smokey as hell. Jac is back from a 4 week holiday but still managed to push together a sub 60 min C2S on Sunday. I think she ran it pretty relaxed though can claim the prized scalps of Birchy and Charlie.

Overall, my legs felt just as cooked as Monday. It’s difficult to walk down 2 steps which most would think is easier than running 12k. I proved that wrong. I think I almost crawled down the Met Centre steps getting lunch at 2:30pm.

Wednesday – HuRTS

Joined the 12:10pm group for a wharves run. Enda, Warswick, dad-to-be Marko and later Birchy. Limited myself to under 60 minutes consistent with my plan to rest of this week.

Got stuck talking to JW about all things not-so-interesting-to-me though to be fair he has such great passion. Broke off at Barangaroo, straight back to work in one piece. 11k all up. Back it up in the afternoon by successfully descending 3 steps to get my launch. Yay.

Elora’s passport photo. Cute stuff.

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