Mid-week Build with Strides

Mid-week Build with Strides

Feel 6/10 after yesterday’s hills which meant I’m back to base building. A very easy 8km jog into work this time through Ultimo and the back of Darling Harbour.

Doubling up at lunch where I spotted a high cadence, bouncing figure built like a boxer loitering around the Pillars. This had to be Paul McClarnon (Macca) and I was right. After rescuing the lost sheep and confirming he was OK with 5:00s, I was solo no more on the usual Barangaroo circuit.

Macca’s update post a sub-36 at Striders is a few PF-issues (hopefully short-lived) and a gradual build to London marathon. Seems his training is not dissimilar to my own – one tempo per week, no thresholds and peak mileage 120-130km. Either you go high mileage lower quality, or the reverse. I doubt anyone can sustain both.

Tested with the wise man what I should be doing for say Canberra in April. Some takeaways:

– For now, 1 tempo (Tues) and 1 long-run with a pick-up (Sun)
– 30km ending at race pace say 5-6 weeks out (that’s soon…)
– a good half mara 3 weeks out (late March…)

Back to solo after Macca dropped at 10km, end of the wharves. I kicked on to the Barangaroo turn then added some leg loosening 120-150m strides circling Hickson Wharves. This was a good decision and I counted 10 in total.


Just shy of 15km at 4:50s. 

Another big day, 23km in total but low quality.

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