Mid-Week Centennial

Mid-Week Centennial

Felt quite deflated today after hearing the tragic event at Dreamworld. Goes to show how trivial my day-to-day frustrations really are.

AM: last morning in Sydney and thus last chance to use the kettlebells. Cycled between burpees (x10) and various dynamic strength reps. Had more fun today than Monday.

Lunch: needed a cheer-up round trip to Centennial and had a merry band to join me. Led Brendan Fehon (need to think of a nickname), the Irish Brothers, Worswick, James and a few others the Chairman’s Route – long way around Garden Island. Funny enough, normally I’m all for the direct route but it seems us runners are all stuck in the status-quo.

Anyway, a peaceful run, slightly ruined near the back end where the underside of my left big toe was really sore. Odd. We saw Renee and Elle entering the park near Fox. By then, I was already planning my lunch.

14km all up at 4:45s. 

Off to Penang tomorrow. Forecast is thunderstorms. Resort + tropic thunder -> treadmill running -> disaster. With this in mind, I’m more likely to rest up and return in 2017 with vengence. .

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