Mid-Week Hills

Mid-Week Hills

Noticing another flare up of my ITB and hip issues on the right side. I’ve changed my shoes and administered some self massaging on sore points. Let’s hope this works.

Tuesday – the motivation to join HuRTS is at a record low. I can’t really explain why? Ran past the Stone Pillars and eventually found Champ for some company. Not sure why he was confused as to the meeting point. Rolled around FC – said hi to HuRTS – and proceeded out to Barangaroo. Of interest was Quentin, Barts, Scotty and Heyden knocking out 1ks in secret. These guys are all in great form so it all now makes sense! I was inspired, but already 10k into my run.

So we finished up with 5×200 sprints at 80% at Barangaroo. Speed work done.

13k all up.

Wednesday – after some cross-training in the morning, I deducted that my legs were too sore to withstand a C2S recon run. Found the ‘events guy’ James near the Gallery and that was my ticket for a steady, rolling-hills type of run. Introduced him to my preferred NOTB run. Ran around FC, up Cahill Expressway and over to Cremorne. We turned at the pool because frankly I doubted whether I could make it home.

The return leg is always tough, not to mention stiff headwinds back into the CBD. Good company and a respectable amount of hills.

15k all up, don’t know the pace.

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