Mid-Week Ks

Mid-Week Ks

3 days of easy stuff – I am using this as a de-stressing tool during a particularly gruelling time at work (reporting season).

Tuesday – over to CP with Champ and Renee. The pace was just perfect and it was nice to simply distance ourselves from the CBD. My hammy felt pretty tight which meant the last 3k of the 13k was a struggle. Not sure what is going on there. It may have been the cross training undertaken on Monday / Tuesday.

Wednesday – bigger crew for a Cremorne Point out and back. Champ, Renee, Timmy and later Ray and Andy Heyden all taking part. I mainly ran out front with Champ and we actually dropped the group on the way back. Legs were a little tired but I felt good enough such that the run was enjoyable. Beautiful weather. 13k all up.

Thursday – Yum Cha and I today out to Pyrmont. As easy as it gets for a 60 min lunch break.

El is starting to show facial expressions!

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