Mid-week recovery

Mid-week recovery

Wednesday – Pyrmont

Probably did not hydrate myself from Tuesday’s tough session leaving me sore and cranky today. All I could manage was a 12k recovery run around Hickson Rd and Pyrmont. Charlie was with me the whole time – breathing unusually hard and complaining about his Achilles. So in that respect the pace was easy. We also picked up a wandering Ray W in Pyrmont.

Perhaps my soreness is also due to the morning cross-training (30 min). I’m working on some more advanced techniques with the kettlebell.

Thursday – Observatory Hill

Linked up with the Telstra Boys – 4 of them led by Champ. Asked for a 10k course and that’s what I got. Went from the Pillars, cut through Botanic and over Cahill to Observatory Hill. Completed 3 chin-ups and could do no more which is obviously embarrassing relative to Gary and Champ who did more than I can count.

Circled back along Hickson, said hi to the HuRTS team and from there rounded Farm Cove with the benefit of Enda’s company. My left post-tib is quite sore today.

12k all up in 63 min.


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