Mid-week recovery

Mid-week recovery

Normally this would be an MLR but I’m struggling to cope with the recent restatement of intervals. In fact today I noticed soreness in the left Achilles which may be from the grassy hill set yesterday.

Rocked up in 40 degrees to find just Worswick. Well my heart sank (need not explain why) but thankfully Toby turned up who is always good value. We went to Centennial via Oxford St, generally hugging the shade offered by buildings and trees. Felt I was dragging the chain but that’s what happens when you run with Worswick. Sat behind (silently) and plodding along at 4:40s for a single CW loop of Centennial.

The trip back was OK as it is downhill from Oxford St.

Covered 14k in 67 min and was completely drenched. This soreness concerns me enough to skip tomorrow’s set. I’m clearly not used to big Ks and 2 speed sets pw so I’m going to have to reset my expectations.

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