Mid-Week Sprints

Mid-Week Sprints

As always end of August is difficult at work and so my lunch window tends to compress to about 50-60 min.

Tuesday – not much interest in the 4×10 min session. Met Erika who earlier had already knocked out a 60 min tempo! She was up for and out and back to Barangaroo, strictly at 5:15s. I probably ran half a step in front and managed to speed her up to a lightning 5:00s. Unfortunately E was right in that she would only be good for 8k. That left me solo back at CQ. Ran over to OH gates to see out 10x250m sprints. Saw the rest of the HuRTS who were knee deep in the middle of their session.

13k all up. The sprints were completed at 80% effort, which is enough speed work for me for the week.

Wednesday – legs are quite buggered from Mon/Tues cross-training, and the mini sprints on Tuesday. Couldn’t quite think what alternative I had aside from a relaxed 55 min recovery run around the Opera House and wharves. Ran to the start point at 12:15pm which meant I missed the group. Followed the usual course to Wharf 1 at Walsh Bay and stopped for round 2 of run-throughs (if yesterday counts). There was a bum with a fishing rod at the south end who was cheering me on. It seemed to work as I was moving pretty well in the later reps

8k recovery, 10x30s run-throughs and a 2k warm-down.

Thursday – easy 13k with the Telstra guys – i.e. Champ and Pete. We ran around to Barangaroo and over into Darling Harbour. Key topics of interest included:

– exciting for Sunday (Father’s Day)
– why is everyone signing up for the Nepean Tri in October and should I have a go?
– what is the gossip with NBN right now?

Here is Elora today. Starting to smile.

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