Mid-week Wharves

Mid-week Wharves

Always a skinny crowd on Wednesday with CC shenanigans. Glad to meet up with the two vets, the Chairman (Tommy H) and Kroney (BK) at 12:10pm for the standard diet of a flat, mid-teens MLR.

So the last I heard of BK was this update from TheRock regarding the Half Ironman event at the Sunshine Coast 10 days ago. This is a staggering accusation against a well loved HuRTS personality – ‘Another Aussie Cheat’.


Suffice to say, we made it 50m before I interrogated him. BK’s version of events to paraphrase: ‘Course poorly marked, got back to down at 70km (of the 80km ride) and suspected something was wrong. Ran the 21.1km anyway.’

Not sure if I should give BK the benefit of the doubt?

Anyway, the rest of the run was nice. BK dropped off at Barangaroo (or maybe he took another short-cut). We continued on back around Hickson wharves which got me to an acceptable 14km. Still trying recover from a stubborn cold.

A very low mileage day of 14km by my standards. I can add 20 min strength before work.

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