Wednesday – Balls Head

Good initiative by Charlie. We headed over to the North Shore out to Balls Head. This has everything – water views, stairs, trails, hills and tourist dodging. The pace was pretty modest which kept this run in my ‘recovery’ zone. Charlie seems fixated on keeping his HR exactly below 138 (?). I suspect Brad Pamp is to blame here.

Found my back bothering me more descending rather than ascending. So in general I was dropped on downhills, then zig zag’ed back and forth on the ascent. Discovered a Coal Loader Terminal at at BH which was pretty spectacular. A loop back around Luna Park rounded out a solid 13k run.

Thursday – Pyrmont

Not sure what happened but I feel flat and tired. Hedged my bets by meeting Brendan Yum Cha Wong for an easy circuit of the western wharves. Circled Hickson wharves at a painfully slow 5:10s. At 5k, we picked up a loitering Paul Birch.

The next 6k was even slower! Good chat but I may as well have been walking with the two guys slightly off peak fitness. No matter, it was a good chance to recover the legs. Did a few of the Pyrmont wharves before looping back into the CBD. YC decided to walk 500m away from the office and I dropped him….

12k all up.

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