Midweek Recovery of Sorts

Midweek Recovery of Sorts

Piling on the mileage with a serious case of DOMS.

Wednesday – CP 

OK what is with the weather. Tornado down in Kurnell, pitch black at 11am. Conway bails on a midday run (weak reason given), leaving me to call out Champ for an easy jog.

We took a gamble heading out for a CP loop and it paid off. Very sticky, but empty streets and an empty park to ourselves. Pace was 5 min/km, or thereabouts. I really had no juice in the legs to lift if beyond that.

14km in 70 min. 

Once again, I was on foot from home to work and return.

We got back just as mother nature looking ugly. Here is Randwick shortly thereafter.

Thursday – Swim

Even more wobbly than yesterday. Calls into question my state Sunday if I were to line up for the SMC half.

Ducked out at Midday, 3km warm-up with Yum Cha (on his own jog), before beehiving to ABC via Botanic Gardens. The legs were so sore I couldn’t bring myself to do Timmy’s Hills + 5km tempo. Good decision, because my new swimming lead-out pacer from work, RG had similar aspirations at joined my at ABC

1.8km in the pool in 35 min. Half of this was drafting, the other half failing at drafting. Certainly not breaking any record.

On the run front, big struggle street even on the 10km of commuting.

No action for me tomorrow, work off-site meaning the ABC 1km TT is off the cards.

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