Miserable Unstructured Fartlek

Miserable Unstructured Fartlek

Difficult enough completing 14×3 min (HuRTS) not to mention the coldest and most miserable conditions imaginable. I never made it to the start point…

Met Champ and Pete Walker at the Gallery and boy were they moving, the excuse being ‘let’s get warm’. Tracked down to Farm Cove at 4:00s where HuRTS were into #2. Off the rolling start I completed a 3 min effort at threshold. My condolences went out to the 15-odd that literally stood in freezing cold on the 90s rest. From memory I passed the likes of Timmy, Renee, Quentin, Charlie, Brendan, Toby and Eoin.

Once the 3 min effort was done, it was a case of dodge my way through CQ and Passenger Terminal, then onto the wharves with Champ and Pete. A few random surges up and down the wharves, then a final 400m at 3:15s to the end of Hickson. Turned back for a 2km warm-down with two colleagues who I ran into at Barangaroo.

13km all up. Tired, soaking wet and hungry. The hot shower plus big lunch did the trick.

23km for the day including a double commute. I need some warmer clothes…

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