The sort of weather that compromises the joy of running (easy).

Lunch – first 20 min with YC and Christian. Pissing down rain, puddle dodging and fairly unpleasant winds around Hickson Rd. I had to break off and head north to run an errand in North Sydney. YC was right in predicting easier conditions because all was clear by the end!

10km all up at 5:00s.

Evening – bad decision to run home. Very bad. I’m eyeballing a Garmin Forerunner 235 after my TomTom broke. Went to JBH to price check, which in turn failed. It was a slow trudge home from Town Hall in shame. Went along Wentworth Park, Blackwattle then past Rozelle Bay. 7km all up. All I could think of from step 1 was a hot shower and warm clothes.

17km for the day. Still a few lingering niggles, nothing too severe.

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One thought on “Miserable

  1. Lewis

    Go the Garmin Forerunner 230 instead of the 235. I just upgraded from the 225 (the model befor the 235) to the 230 as the heart rate monitor in the wrist does not work (despite what Garmin claim).

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