Molly and HuRTS

Molly and HuRTS

Molly and HuRTS

I knew something was wrong and Kevin worked it out in 10s on his own. Tight ITB, knots in the quads which meant my right hamstring was working too hard. 90 min on the table, a hobble back to the car and a day to recover. Magic.

Mixed it up today. Brought Molly over to CP to see how she’d care with HuRTS. Tall ask for a dog that can at best do 20km at 5:00s. Started OK at the Kiosk keeping stride with JO’C, Birchy, Brendan whilst the likes of Fats, the Irish brothers started to wind up the pace.

Leaving the park (4km), the pace was too much for both Molly and I. I can tell as once I took the leash off, the pace slowed. Hitting Alison Rd, it was lonely as HuRTS surged forward at 4:20s! We still did OK to complete lap 1 but they did not even wait at the Kiosk. Take no prisoners.

Perhaps Molly is now not a fan of my HuRTS friends after being so rudely dropped?

Anyway, I’m happy to be sensible as the legs were sore from the massage.

No puffing, no water. PB for Molly – 1:42 for a half marathon. Thereafter, we reverted to the old run / walk combo. Mutually beneficial. Here is the little trooper after 2 hours.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-28 at 8.12.16 PM


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