Molly Dog Walk

Molly Dog Walk

Told myself that today was dog walk day. So I strapped up Molly which in hindsight was a bad idea in this humidity. We headed SE through Newtown, St Peters and then Zetlands before looping back to the city via Redfern. I actually didn’t feel overly fatigued or uncomfortable and quite enjoyed myself.

It was at half way (M1, 7:30am) where Molly started entering the hurt locker. Took her off the leash and eased back to 5:00s. By Central with 5K to go I knew she was cooked – panting hard, white froth near the mount and barely able to keep 5:30s. Sadly I had no motivation to carry her and no Opal Card.

Anyway, the last few K was down Glebe Pt Rd and Bicentennial Park. Had to stop to do push-ups allowing her to catch me. Quite surprised how quickly her fitness as declined as she’s done a fair few half marathons and even a 30k. We covered around 20k today.

The conversation as I walked in the door.

Lorie: “how did [Molly] go?”

Me: “well she survived to 15k, then hit the wall”

Lorie: “and what happened after…?”

Me: “I made her run another 5K”

Filled up the water bowl and now she looks just fine.

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