Monday Pool

Monday Pool

DOMS from the weekend has left the achilles very sore. It doesn’t feel good. No problem – switch out the wharves recovery run for an easy A.B.C. swim.

Convinced RG and Matt (both colleagues) to join me. First time swimming with RG, clearly a superior swimmer but happy to let me slipstream behind. First 600m assisted (10s break at 300m), 400 solo (another 10s break), then 500m solo. The other two finished up at 1.2km.

Pleasingly, the 500m splits were:
– 8:55 (drafting)
– 9:10 (half drafting)
– 9:25 (solo)

1.5km in 27:XX. Doesn’t count as a PB but I’m feeling slow gains are coming.

3.5km warm-down jog around Farm Cove with Matt. Crossed paths and chatted to Taffy and Smolly. Taffy is still trying to work off the Thanksgiving food coma.

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