Monday Recovery

Monday Recovery

More modest mileage today when I realised what I’ve put the legs through since Friday.

5km into work to kick start the day. Surprisingly, I felt OK though there’s no doubt foot pain remains. Then back out lunch with Wooey and Champ. Both are easy going and complied with my request for 10km at 5:00s down to Barangaroo. Seems we were some 2 min ahead of the HuRTS pack.

Wooey did well for his 40:10 at the Sydney:10. If you back out 20s lost to chucking up near the stadium, he went sub-40. I estimate he’ll do 88 min on Sunday.

Champ is a dark horse (not in a racist way). I expect the Thai champ is well above his 38:20 (mild) effort at the Sydney:10. I’ve set him a 3:55s pacing goal which translates to 83 min. Need to find him a pacer…

Run total 11km, making 16km for the day.

If I keep up this junk M-F, then the legs will come good.

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