More Wharves

More Wharves

Solid 30 min of X-training this morning. A healthy amount of burpees, KB reps and other dynamic moves that are best described as unorthodox.

At lunch it was just the Baranagan brothers, Toby and Hipster Chris for a mid-week recovery. After battling the Corp Cup traffic, then the Asian tourist traffic around CQ we were in the clear by the wharves. The pace was nice and easy, Spring was in full force making this a perfect lunch break. Good to catch up again with Toby, whose fantastic 10k form earlier this year must surely translate to the full distance at some point? The only negative was my legs continue to feel fatigued, particularly tightness on the right.

13.5km at 4:50s. 

I think I’ll take the next few days easy, and find a slot to get a massage.

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