Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Saturday – Bay Run

A rare treat to jog with Jac around the Bay Run. Normally she’s had a ‘late one’ (I don’t ask for details) and a non-starter for anything before 7am. Looped CW around the water and added the canal at the end. Nice and easy.

Next up was over at LPAC for the lessons. In truth this is a half hour of singing, dancing and dunking Trinity’s head under water. The current situation with Trinity is:

– Able: withstand waterboarding, blow bubbles, splash
– Unable: stand on the ledge, jump off a ledge, throw toys, kick her legs

Same routine as last week, but noticeable improvement in tolerance to waterboarding. I even got her to kick as she lay on her back.

Champ also dropped by and requested I accompany him for some laps. Couldn’t say no. Worked off 200m reps taking turns to lead out. Splits were barely below 4 min. 6×200, nice and easy.

Sunday – Mother’s Day

Felt like something ‘easy’ and what better option than CP with HuRTS. Covered 9k to the Fox Gate, then found the 7am crew on the back side of the park. Ran alongside Timmy, Eoin, Luca and later LJ for the first 10k loop.

Promised to make Lorie pancakes (which I did) by 8:30am. So I joined the remaining few for one final inner loop before exiting the park. LJ is a pancake expert and provided excellent recipe suggestions. Left the park at 8am, and on my maths the 8k gate to door meant I would be late.

Last 35 min was a struggle particularly when you are i) thinking about pancakes, and (ii) thinking about what to put on pancakes.

31k at around 4:40s today. Stomach felt somewhat queasy, whilst legs were not much better.

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