New Years Eve Long Run

New Years Eve Long Run

Took yesterday (Saturday) off from running. But I’m still motivated to get the long runs done on a weekly basis just in case I run marathons in 2018 (this is a low probability). Headed out the door at 5:45am and couldn’t quite work out how I’d get to 30k on my own. Found myself in Pyrmont via Blackwattle Bay. Looped the wharves and then into Barangaroo getting to 12k. Found Fletch+1 and joined them back to CQ. They were moving too slow so I was on my own heading back over ANZAC Bridge towards the Bay Run.

Kept the K’s ticking over at 4:35s and met Dad at KG Oval at 7:30am (this was always the plan). Ran a CCW loop of the Bay Run with an added out and back near Timbrell Park. That 30k finally came just past Le Montage.

Legs were OK today but the stomach was playing up. I don’t think I’m capable of 35k runs anymore.

31k at 4:37s. Final run of the year.

Tonight will be low key – afternoon BBQ then out like a light before the 9pm fireworks. Hope everyone has a great end to 2017!

Here is Elora at 7 months.

And this was Trinity at the same age.

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