New Years Long Run

New Years Long Run

New Years Long Run

New Years

Set myself the challenge to run from home to Curl Curl and throw in as many hills as possible. Left the house at 6am on my way to Crows Nest where I was to meet JFen and Matt at 7am. 60 min for an unknown distance. Realised at about Gladesville that I had vastly under-estimated the distance. So by the time I was on Pac Highway, it was still early days in the run and I was moving at 4:00s.

Got to the meet spot on West St at 7:05, so not too bad. From there we headed up Military Rad and into uncharted territory across the Spit. Ascended the big hill then a few turns heading East to Manly. Matt dropped off near Manly Oval and JFen and I continued up to Curl Curl. Nothing spectacular in the views but by then I didn’t care. It was so humid and my legs were tired.

Got the Curl Curl just shy of 30k. Added 5k at JFen’s request – and despite my protestation. This was done via a lap of where the Curl Curl Parkrun is held. 35k all up. A swim in the ocean and a $20 avo on toast was the perfect way to close out the morning.

Breakfast spread…

By the beach before the swim…

Monday – Bay Run

Met Jeet and Neil at KG Oval for a double loop of the Bay Run. Very little to report aside from being a leisurely jog at 4:50s in what was humid, windy but cool conditions. Legs felt better after the run than before.

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