North Shore and Pyrmont

North Shore and Pyrmont


Arrived at the usual spot looking for flat turf, an easy pace and good company. 1 out of 3. Kevin, Toby and Worswick suggested another NOTB trip, this time to Balls Head. Headed straight across Cahill Expressway and over the Bridge. Worswick did the usual ‘half-step’ in front which hurried us along not to mention barely letting anyone else get a word in.

I held back in silence and just mainly caught up with Toby and K as we looped around Luna Park and towards Blue’s Point. Another few hills circling the water and we got to the start of Balls Head before it was time to head back. Took the long way back around Luna Boardwalks (again) and back up the Bridge. The legs felt really sluggish the whole time but the foot was not complaining so much.

14k all up, lots of hills. I also ran home which got me to >20k.


Usual Kettlebell set in the morning. I’m on this twice per week, 30 min per set which seems about right.

Lunch – 10 wharves with Yum Cha, before we picked up Champ who was loitering around Barangaroo. Legs actually felt good for the first time in 3 weeks! In my joy I dragged Champ over to Pyrmont – YC dropping off due to poor fitness. Stopped at the wharf adjacent to Fairfax and did 10x120m run-throughs.

A short jog back over Pyrmont Bridge got me to 15k. Happy with that.

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