North Side

North Side

Friday – ditched LJ (who wanted to swim at Ian Thorpe) because it was too cold and windy. It’s really the run back that kills you. Plan B was to piggy back Charlie’s Friday run NOTB. Three others came along none of which are really runners. This meant I was really struggling to run at 5:45s pace and because increasingly frustrated stopping at the top of hills. Anyway, ran to Blue’s Point and left them there in as polite a way as possible. Did a double loop around the Point and ran back up to North Sydney to see out 12k.

Saturday – massage at 8:15 with Kevin. Normally I’d be out pram running but given the tight timing and terribly sore ITB, it was time to take stay off the concrete. Drove over to Ian Thorpe (yes one day after I was suppose to be there). 1.5k in the pool right next the swim squad. Nice and relaxed. 31 min flat which is 3 min slower than last week.

Kevin was brutal today. Tight ITB, tight hip flexor and knots down my right hamstring. Will see how I will up tomorrow.


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