Not so Easy Recovery

Not so Easy Recovery

Where was everyone today? No idea.

Just the ever reliable Brendan Fehon, his colleague Josh and Sonya for what should have been a super easy 13km to Barangaroo. Chairman went MIA contrary to pre-arranged HuRTS whatsapp dialogue. LJ’s warnings was spot on. The wind was nasty particularly as we hit 7km and moved into the exposed Barangaroo area.

The last time it was this bad, I was bowled over. So this time I hid behind BF’s large shoulders which seemed to work. I did enjoy the chat re runaway costs of childcare and the dangers of having two kids under two years old. Legs felt very heavy the whole run.

14km at 4:50s.

I think this weekend will be recovery or swim on Sat, LR on Sunday



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