NOTB Hills After Work

NOTB Hills After Work

Fancy corporate work lunch featuring pan fried salmon and pea puree took precedence over the HuRTS 8×5 min intervals. Not too fussed as I was tired anyway. Feedback was it was tough, very tough.

Thought I’d try something different in the evening. Strapped the back pack on and ventured NOTB to find some hills. Turns out that’s exactly what I got running westbound along River Road. Pace a touch under 5:00s but climbs certainly kept me honest.

Course sort of flattened out post Hunter Hill with a final climb being the Gladesville bridge from the North Side. Loved the hills-for-speed substitute in a week where I’m due for lower intensity. Last few kms I crossed Iron Cove Bridge then ascended back through Callum Park.

19.5km at 4:58s. In effect, a mid-week MLR with 460m elevation.

Meanwhile, Trinity was toughing it out after a 4 month jab.  Poor thing.


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